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Monumental CLS is an executive ground transportation service provider. Currently operating in Washington D.C., Boston and New York and currently expanding its service nationwide and overseas.

Reservation Agent & Customer service (remote)

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Chauffeur in Boston Metropolitan Area

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Chauffeur in New York Metropolitan Area

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Reservation & Customer service Agent (remote)

Job description:
Reservation Agent duties include:​
  • Contribute to customer service over various platforms.
  • Handle clients/customers' Concerns and feedback.
  • Project a positive and professional image.
  • Provide go-the-extra-mile service.
  • Apply software systems in dispatch management.
  • Perform computer applications at basic level.
  • Perform essential online functions.
  • Implement operations for service excellence.
  • Apply upselling and suggestive selling techniques.
  • Provide reservation services.
Supplemental duties:
  • Supporting marketing executives in organizing various projects.
  • Compose and post online content on the company’s website and social media accounts.
  • Write marketing literature (blog, brochures, etc.) to augment the company’s presence in the market
  • Conduct market research and analyze consumer rating reports/ questionnaires
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