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Executive ground transportation: The five key elements to inquire about when prospecting

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Corporations face many challenges when attempting to secure a reliable ground transportation provider (GTP), as in many cases car service companies are heedless of the burden that such a service is and how it plays a noteworthy role in the company's KPIs, thus its operating profit.

While in the process of selecting a ground transportation service provider, one will most often find themselves in a vague and uncertain state, as the communicated service standards are oftentimes one and the same but the service delivery falls to be the dark place where uncertainty echoes.

We, Monumental CLS, have completed thousands of executive meetings and events transfers. On that account, we are clued up about the expectations of corporate clients and what makes a GTP reliable, professional, and most importantly safe. Below are the key indicators that prospectors should keep in mind and undoubtedly request when browsing for ground transportation providers.

On-time percentage

A key element to track in your future ground transportation service provider as it offers an infallible insight on the service quality and most importantly the service consistency. The on-time percentage should realistically be of the order of 96%, and that stands for six late shows in every one hundred trips. Note that it is crucial to include the latter in your service level agreement.

Safety and privacy

The two most crucial elements of your prospecting journey are safety and privacy. Companies and individuals should inquire about how their data and privacy is handled, is it in compliance to international and local laws? Is the booking and dispatch tools constantly being updated for optimal privacy?

When it comes to safety, how often the vehicles go through maintenance? and what is the undertaken procedure for vetting drivers?

The above questions should broadly cover your safety and privacy concerns, however, depending on the business nature of the client, stricter data processing guidelines can be arranged with the GTP.

Licenses and Insurance

You do not want to talk about insurance when it is too late. The best strategy is to inquire about the GTP's acquired licenses and insurance beforehand to ensure that the company operations' paperwork is valid and compliant to local requirements.


A great deal of clients express their exasperation when it comes to pricing and invoices, as numerous executive ground transportation service companies rate and pricing varies from a reservation to another and justify it by dishonorable elucidations. To tackle such a situation in advance, prospectors are advised to request and thoroughly inspect the rate and pricing for all vehicles and service types. Furthermore, it is also advised to inquire about the invoices accuracy rate, as it gives an insightful look on the pricing transparency.


Technology is beyond just dispatch end-user updating tool. Technology should cover many aspects of business ease for the client. The three main technology integration inquiries to ask about when looking for a ground transportation service provider are:

  • Can bookings be arranged by different team members or employees of different departments?

  • Are invoices and receipts accessible through the booking platform after trips are concluded?

  • Does the tool provided offer data reports and analysis of the reservations?



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